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Hjörtr hallstand is a multifunctional, modern and Nordic inspired hallstand combining chair, coat racks and a hunting trophy into one unit.

The idea behind the hjörtr hallstand was to create a piece of hall furniture, which would fit in a small and narrow hallway, but still would allow room to hang one’s jacket and sit to take shoes on and off.

Hjörtr hallstand is built around a metal structure made of 20 mm steel tubes, which are powder-coated in charcoal gray. The choice of ash for the wooden seat is based on Nordic mythology and the tale of the tree of life, Yggdrasil.

Exhibited for the first time on Formland Trade Fair 2015 in Herning Denmark


Hjörtr is still only a prototype - working on finding a manufacturer for it.


Photography: Gisli Dua

Hjörtr - Hallstand

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